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79,779 entrants applied to higher education institutions in Samarkand

79,779 entrants applied to higher education institutions in Samarkand

According to the State Testing Center, the most documented higher education institution in the region is Samarkand State University, the Uzbek-Finnish Pedagogical Institute.

 21052 entrants applied for it.

 The next places were taken by Samarkand State University (18414 people), Samarkand State Institute of Architecture and Construction (10006 people).


 Samarkand State Medical Institute - 8262;

 Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages - 5900;

 Samarkand Institute of Veterinary Medicine - 5087;

 Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service - 4463;

 Samarkand branch of Tashkent University of Information Technologies - 2566;

 To Kattakurgan branch of SamSU - 1842;

 Samarkand branch of Tashkent State Agrarian University - 1038;

 Samarkand branch of Tashkent State University of Economics - 897;

To SamSIFL Narpay Faculty of Foreign Languages - 146;

 106 entrants applied to the Faculty of Foreign Languages of SamSIFL Payarik.

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