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An oxygen plant has been set up in Samarkand

An oxygen plant has been set up in Samarkand

 Taking into account the possible increase in demand for medical oxygen in the region, the oxygen plant aw capacity of 55 cubic meters per hour which made in France was installed in Samarkand at a cost of $ 600,000.

 In addition, a total of 10 billion 799 million soums were allocated for 83 Damas, 10 Volkswagen and 2 Isuzu special vehicles to improve the quality of ambulance services.  In addition, 27 Damas cars were delivered to the regional center of sanitary and epidemiological tranquility, which will serve to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.

 5 billion soums were allocated from the local budget for additional stocks of medicines.  These funds were transferred to the Republican Society "Dori-Darmon" and a 3-month stock of necessary drugs was created.

 To date, the Ministry of Health has delivered 1,598 pieces of modern medical equipment of 50 types worth 20 billion 880 million soums to specialized treatment and prevention facilities to provide medical services to patients in a centralized manner.  Also, with the help of the regional administration, 1,220 oxygen cylinders, 75 cardiomonitors, 2,000 bobrov devices, 1,500 pulse oximeters, 872 oxygen consuls, 140 oxygen concentrators, 1,000 oxygen tubes were delivered.

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