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Samarkand region took 2nd place in the ranking of economic activity

Samarkand region took 2nd place in the ranking of economic activity

 Based on a methodology developed by the Institute of Forecasting and Macroeconomic Research

The "Barometer of Economic Activity in the Regions" (BEA) was assessed and a ranking of regions was made for 14 regions of Uzbekistan for January and July 2021.  The press service of the institute told about it.

 According to the results of the assessment, in January-July this year, the city of Tashkent took first place in the ranking with the highest activity barometer index.  The next places were taken by Samarkand and Syrdarya regions.

 Relatively low rates were observed in Navoi, Surkhandarya and Andijan regions.

 According to Sherzod Otaboev, project manager of the Institute of Forecasting and Macroeconomic Research, 5 indicators will be taken into account in the assessment of economic activity.

 “First of all, there are 5 indicators of production activity, which represent the growth rates of industrial production and consumer goods in the region, construction, services and retail trade.

 We also expressed entrepreneurial activity with 5 indicators.  It took into account the growth rates of operating small businesses, the number of newly established and liquidated small businesses, the share of inactive and voluntary liquidation of small businesses in the total number of registered small businesses.  Foreign trade activity - two indicators that represent the growth rate of exports and imports of goods and services - was also an important factor.

Relative differences and cross-comparison methods were used in the calculation of the BEA, and the BEA index was expressed in the integral index.  "The closer the integral index is from 0 to 1, the higher the current level of activity, and vice versa," he said.

 The city of Tashkent and Syrdarya region have a high level of production and foreign trade activity, Samarkand region has a relatively high level of foreign trade and business activity, which ranks high in the BEA rankings.

 The study also assessed the change in BEA in January-July 2021 compared to January-June.

 According to him, positive changes have taken place in Tashkent, Khorezm, Fergana, Andijan, Navoi regions, and these regions have improved their positions in the BEA rankings.  However, a decline was observed in Syrdarya, Jizzakh and Surkhandarya regions.

 For information, the BEA  shows the level of economic activity observed between regions over a certain period of the current year compared to the corresponding period of the previous year, and it is calculated monthly.

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