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The next briefing with the participation of the governor of Samarkand region E.Turdimov

The next briefing with the participation of the governor of Samarkand region E.Turdimov

 Hello, dear citizens of Samarkand!

 Dear participants of the briefing!

The coronavirus pandemic is sending unexpected tests on humanity every day.

 It is no exaggeration to say that there is no country, no industry that has not been seriously affected by this disease, which has not yet been cured.

 Worst of all, the coronavirus is becoming a companion to new diseases over time, thereby increasing the workload of physicians a hundredfold.

 In order to prevent such negative consequences, you are aware that the quarantine restrictions which were introduced by the Republican Special Commission have been extended until August 15.

 Citizens were told to pay close attention to the "self-isolation" lifestyle.

 Due to the aggravation of the epidemiological situation, as well as to break the chain of transmission of coronavirus infection among the population, on July 31, August 1-2 and August 8-9, traffic will be completely stopped.

 Dear citizens of Samarkand!

 As you know, we celebrate Eid al-Adha on July 31.  The statement of the Council of scientists of the Muslim office of Uzbekistan on the conduct of Eid al-Adha in accordance with the requirements of quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic has been published.

 When the time comes, we appeal to our compatriots: Saints, let us celebrate Eid al-Adha in accordance with the quarantine requirements, at home, in the company of our families.

 Let us celebrate our national values, our religious traditions in a humble, orderly and, most importantly, strict adherence to the rules of quarantine.

 Let us especially cherish our dear people of a sacred age.  Let us be extremely attentive to those who are chronically ill, to brides who are expecting children.

 As you know, according to the decree of the President on July 23, a group of our compatriots were awarded state awards for their dedication in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

13 citizens of our region were awarded this honor.  Eight of them are dedicated employees of the Regional Infectious Diseases Clinical Hospital.  They are still working hard and selflessly in the hospital, doing their best to help patients recover quickly.

 For example, Abdusodik Boymurzaev, a doctor at the Infectious Diseases Clinical Hospital, has been treating patients without going home for three months.  I think this is the brightest example of selflessness.  I would like to take this opportunity to once again express my deep gratitude to all the doctors.  Our people are also grateful to you.  Of course, there are those who throw stones at medical workers without realizing it.  These are also transient.  Don't be upset by them either.  You are an ointment for the suffering of our people today, dear ones.  We are grateful to you.

 Even when we can't create the conditions for you, we see and hear that you are taking advantage of this small opportunity.

 I have said it before, and I will say it today.  You are at the forefront of this process today, our front, so to speak.

 The coronavirus pandemic has brought humanity to its knees.  The most developed countries, European medicine, too, have suffered a setback, unable to withstand the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.  Of course, our medicine is no exception.  There are enough shortcomings in our medicine as well.  But it's not about medicine, it's about our doctors.  Of course, our doctors are showing an example of true courage.

 Dear citizens, Due to the epidemiological situation in the region, the Samarkand State Medical Institute launched the COLL-CENTER on April 20 to improve the medical culture of the population and to receive medical issues, as well as appeals related to COVID-19.  In the past period, about 5,000 appeals were received from the population.

On July 20, COLL CENTER resumed operations with the short number 1105.  The number of operators has been increased from 7 to 20.  The center used to receive 55-60 applications a day, but now it receives more than 500.  About 60 percent of these calls are directed to the short number 103 due to the need for urgent medical care.

 Today, the connection between 1105 and 103 has also been restored.  Leading specialists of the institute, psychologists and a group of "Volunteer Students" respond to the appeals of the center around the clock.

 There is also an "Online Polyclinic" at the SALL CENTER.  Infectious disease specialists, general practitioners, resuscitators and specialists in the field are giving their useful advice.

 If we look at the number of calls to the ambulance service with the number 103, we can see that it has also increased dramatically.  Compared to the same period last year, there were 900 to 1,100 calls a day, but today the number of calls is on average more than 3,200.  For example, yesterday there were 3248 appeals, of which 780 came from the population of Samarkand.

 We have also reviewed the material and technical base of the ambulance service.  At the beginning of July, the number of ambulances was 280, but today their number has reached 363.  Last week alone, 83 new Damas ambulances were purchased.

 A contract has been signed for the purchase of 10 ambulances produced at the Volkswagen plant in Jizzakh.

 In addition, the Center for Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance and all district and city departments of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance were provided with Damas cars.

 Dear citizens of Samarkand!

4 billion soums will be allocated for the creation of drug stocks in the region.  soums were allocated.  Additional funds will be allocated from the additional funds of the local budget.  At present, 65 types of 2-month stocks of drugs have been accumulated for the treatment of patients with coronavirus.

 In addition, as of August 1, our entrepreneurs engaged in the wholesale of medicines for the regional reserve have allocated 30 billion soums.  UZS worth of medicines.  In this regard, we have agreed with 52 wholesale pharmaceutical companies in the region to import 12 main types of antiviral drugs.

 To date, 11 provincial-level hospitals with a capacity of 1,800 beds have been established in the province to treat patients with coronavirus disease.  In addition, 10,500 reserves have been prepared in the region.  5560 of them are located in Samarkand.

 The 495-seat infectious diseases departments of the district (city) medical associations are also ready.  All hospitals have an oxygen supply system.

 Also, a hospital for 1080 beds is being built in Samarkand at the Olympic Reserve Training Complex.  This place will be ready in 3-4 days.

 In addition, we pay attention to the organization of hospitals in Kattakurgan for the treatment of patients in Kattakurgan, Kattakurgan city, Ishtikhon, Narpay, Pakhtachi districts.

 In the coming days, a PCR laboratory will be set up in these areas for a separate analysis within a week of treatment.  Now the preparations are in full swing.

 A 400-bed hospital is being built in the military unit in Kattakurgan, a 200-bed hospital in the Marvarid sanatorium, and a 200-bed hospital in the city's former maternity hospital.

In order to meet the needs of the population in a centralized manner, 4 additional PCR laboratories out of 96 were ordered to be tested for SOVID-19.  In a centralized manner, 4 additional laboratory stations will be launched in the coming days.

 Today, 500 oxygen balloons were brought in last week to create conditions for patients.

 The construction of 1 oxygen station under the Health Department has begun.

 The new hospital and laboratory will serve the residents of Kattakurgan, Pakhtachi, Narpay, Kattakurgan city and Ishtikhon districts.

 Another issue is that a quarantine zone for 1,000 people has been launched in Pastdargom district today, and yesterday 450 citizens from Vladivostok and St. Petersburg were brought on a charter flight and placed in a quarantine center.  Another 500 citizens are expected to be brought from the Russian Federation.

 There are 27 mobile brigades consisting of 11 infectious disease specialists, 16 epidemiologists and general practitioners in Samarkand and 16 in the districts to assess and select patients with confirmed coronavirus infection.

 Each mobile brigade was fully equipped with special vehicles and protective equipment.  This group provides medical care to patients who have a fever or coronavirus symptoms, provides first aid to the patient, and, if instructed, is admitted to the hospital "Pharmacist" and examined.

 Dear citizens of Samarkand!

 In order to prevent complications of coronavirus infection, professors and teachers of Samarkand State Medical Institute trained 198 resuscitators and 112 pulmonologists, 229 infectious disease specialists, epidemiologists, virologists, PTsR-laboratory assistants, resuscitators online through the Zoom program.  attached to hospitals.

 Currently, 12 professors and teachers are involved in family clinics in Samarkand, 67 in public and private enterprises, 5 in the pharmacy hospital in the city, 8 in the quarantine facility.

A set of drugs approved by the ministry for the treatment of patients with SOVID-19 infection is being prepared and measures will be taken to ensure full delivery to the population within a week to ten days.

 Dear citizens, it is definitely hard for everyone today.  Especially to our sick citizens.  It is very difficult for our doctors and nurses who treat them.  So we need to support them constantly.  Of course, the shortcomings are enough.  There are many shortcomings.  We need to eliminate them together, shoulder to shoulder.  It’s not one person’s job.  We all need to unite.

 Dear citizens of Samarkand!

 Today, as we constantly repeat, we must move to live and work in quarantine.  Sectors of the economy should not stop.  Production must also operate at the same pace.  Types of non-performing activities determined by the Republican Special Commission must not work.  But non-prohibited activities should all work today.  I would like to ask these entrepreneurs to continue their activities in strict compliance with the quarantine rules.

 Of course, if the economy stops, it will be very difficult for us to rebuild them.  The economy has a direct impact on the lifestyle of our population.  If it stops, it will definitely have a negative effect, if it works, it will have a positive effect.  Therefore, I ask all our entrepreneurs to continue their activities in strict compliance with the rules of quarantine.  Only in this case, except for the types of activities prohibited by the Republican Special Commission.

 Dear citizens of Samarkand!  Today we are going through an extremely difficult period.

 In this regard, let each of us protect ourselves, our family, our loved ones.  Let's lean on each other ...

 “Stay home”, don’t get sick.

 Thank you!

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