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A briefing was held with the participation of the governor of Samarkand region Erkinjon Turdimov

A briefing was held with the participation of the governor of Samarkand region Erkinjon Turdimov

 Hello, dear participants of the briefing!

 The coronavirus pandemic is still shaking not only our country, but all regions of the world.

 I would like to take this opportunity to say that despite the fact that public awareness campaigns are carried out on a regular basis, some people are being treated at home, as far as they know.  In most cases, he goes to the doctor after the disease has passed.  This further raises the concerns of medical staff.

 To date, the population's access to emergency medical care has significantly decreased.  In the case of numbers, more than 3,500 calls were received on July 20-25, while an average of 2,400-2,500 calls are being made to 103 these days.

 In the following days, the material and technical condition of ambulance crews has radically improved.  The number of ambulances was increased from 280 to 363.  The region's need for ambulances has been met by 130 percent.

 In addition, we are purchasing 10 special ambulances manufactured at the Volkswagen JV in Jizzakh.

 At a previous briefing, we talked about the construction of a 1080-bed hospital at the Olympic Reserve Training Center in Samarkand.

 Today, this facility is ready for use.  The hospital has created all the conditions for the treatment of patients with coronavirus infection and pneumonia.  Equipped with the most necessary drugs and medical equipment - IVL, cardiomonitor, Bobrov apparatus, nebulizer.

 All of the 1080 seats were fitted with consoles to ensure that patients were treated with oxygen.

 The hospital has a total of 34 doctors, 90 nurses and 90 junior nurses.  The patient brought here is x-rayed on the spot and examined by a cardiologist, therapist and other narrow-minded doctors.

In the newly established laboratory, tests for coronavirus and other tests depending on the patient's condition are taken on the spot.  A modern oxygen station will be installed at the hospital to ensure oxygen continuity to patients.

 Dear citizens of Samarkand!

 Today, our region has a stock of medicines for up to three months.  In addition, 5,000 drug kits were prepared for patients left for home treatment.

 These drug kits are given to patients on the recommendation of the appropriate outpatient physicians.

 These days, the preparation of a hospital for 1,000 beds has begun at the Small Military Training Center of the Central Military District.

 Professor Bar Warner, a virologist from Germany, was invited to Samarkand for medical consultations with patients treated in hospitals in our region.  For three days, this doctor got acquainted with the preventive and curative work carried out with coronavirus patients in the region and gave his necessary advice.

 Dear doctors, guardians of our health!

 Heads of urban and rural family clinics, rural medical centers!

 Today our people sincerely trust you.  As we can see, the disease in some cases goes without symptoms.  This makes your work even more difficult.

 In addition, two-ply special clothing, gloves, goggles, and rubber boots will not be enough to look after patients for 8-10 hours.  We all understand this well.

 Today, your zeal and devotion are needed a hundred times, a thousand times more than ever.  Medicines distributed to patients should reach their owners and the needy in a timely manner.

 Dear participants of the briefing.

According to the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated July 30, 2020, 10,000 out of 47,770 families in the region, which are included in the "iron book", were selected and given 1.0 million soums.  One-time financial assistance in the amount of UZS was provided.

 In addition, on the eve of Eid al-Adha, local budget funds and sponsors provided a total of 2 billion soums to about 2,000 families in this category.  UZS were provided.

 In order to cover the cost of food and financial support for 213,000 members of 47,770 families in need of social protection and assistance in Samarkand region, a one-time allowance of 220,000 soums for each family member will be allocated until August 15.

 The total amount of funds to be distributed in the region is about 47 billion soums.   Our work in the framework of the national movement "Generosity and Support" will continue.

 At this point, I would like to emphasize one more thing to you, dear citizens of Samarkand.  Today, when we look at social networks, there are posts without clear facts, such as "500 thousand soums were given instead of one million soums, 700 thousand soums were given to an acquaintance by the chairman of the neighborhood" and in some cases videos are posted.

 For example, Radjabov Shahzod, a Facebook user, posted a post entitled "Neighbors with different denominations, the local committee received 500 thousand, the question was asked by the president 1 million, the committee answered, thank you, but did not ask many questions."

About a hundred Samarkand residents commented on the post.  The case was investigated by the city prosecutor's office and the regional administration.  It turned out that the money was not provided by the Presidential Decree, but on the eve of Eid al-Adha by a generous businessman living in Rohat neighborhood.

 Similarly, Dilmurod Hamedov, a Facebook user, wrote under the headline “Akahonlik privilege will be given” that “families in need of social protection remain in Taldirazzoq and a number of other neighborhoods of Jambay district.

 There is a 10-acre plot of land, a 7-room house, a Nexia car, and one million soums was distributed to four healthy families.

 When the case was investigated by the Jambay district administration and the district prosecutor's office, the allegations were not substantiated.  According to the district administration, “10 families in Taldirazzoq mahalla have received 1 million soums from the Anti-Crisis Fund.  4 of them are seriously ill, 2 of them are raising children with disabilities, 2 of them have lost their breadwinners,  2 of them are in a difficult social situation.

 Neighborhood officials also said the author's close relatives had also applied for inclusion in the list.  They were rejected because they did not meet the specified requirements.

 In both cases, the authors of the post stated that they could not participate in a comprehensive study of the issue with the participation of officials.  They said they wrote about the situation from someone.

 During the Eid, telegrams were given 700,000 soums instead of one million soums, and a video of him counting 100,000 soums on the carpet was circulated.  Interestingly, the original situation in this video was not recorded on any of the channels.  This has led to the study of this situation by officials in almost all regions, a waste of valuable time.

The dissemination of unsubstantiated information creates grounds for frustration and mistrust among our people.

 I would like to ask those who open pages, telegram-information channels on social networks to publish and post information based on the networks, indicating the exact facts and address.

 We will ensure that the cases reported on social networks are investigated, prompt action is taken, and if necessary, law enforcement agencies take strict measures against the perpetrators in accordance with the law.

 In addition, in order to ensure transparency, the list of citizens who received one-time financial assistance is currently posted on the telegram channels of district and city administrations.  If anyone has a complaint that a family on one of these lists has been misappropriated, let them express their views in the form of a comment under the post, we will examine each case and inform the general public about the result.

 Dear participants of the briefing!

  1. Presidential Decree No. PF-6038 of July 30, 2020 "On additional measures for financial support of the population in need of social protection and assistance during the coronavirus pandemic" provides a one-time incentive to ambulance crews. In particular,

 - 1525 people 5 mln.  A total of 7,625.0 million soums. 

 - 1782 secondary medical workers 4 mln.  a total of 7,128.0 million soums;

 - 1360 drivers 3 mln.  4,080.0 million soums in total. 

IN TOTAL, a total of 18,833.0 mln.  soums are given.

  1. Recipients of pensions, disability and bereavement:

 -until degree  - 412 833 people 283 174.3 mln. 

 - After the decree - 412 833 people 311 217.4 mln.

 - The difference (increase) - 28 043.1 million soums.

 III.  Recipients of pensions and financial assistance for 2 and 14 years through the mahalla citizens' assembly:

- until degree  - 126,160 people 48,752.1 mln.

 - After the decree - 150758 people 63 322.9 mln. 

 - difference (increase) - 24598 people 14 570.8 mln.

 The issue of employment

 In the context of the pandemic, there are many complaints from citizens that "there is no work."  There is always work to be done by people who have the desire to work.  I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that if necessary, the population can apply to the head of the regional employment department Hashimov Muzaffar Kazimovich (93) 038-00-19).

 Today, there are more than 8,500 vacancies in the construction sector in the region alone.

 For example, Enter Engineering (ERILL) has 4,100 employees (monthly salary from 1.5 million to 5 million soums, 3 meals a day and free accommodation);

 At the construction company "AGROMIR BUILDING" 1200 (monthly salary from 1.5 million to 3 million soums, 2 times provided with hot meals and accommodation)

 Mironkul GROUP LLC 250 (monthly salary from 1.5 million to 4 million soums, 2 hot meals and accommodation);

 280 in Ulug Simo Qurilish LLC (monthly salary up to 2.5 million soums);

 Binokor Qurilish LLC has 160 jobs (with a monthly salary of up to 2.5 million soums).

 Similarly, there are more than 3,500 vacancies in textile and light industry enterprises in the region.

 For example:

 350 in Afrosiyob JEANS (monthly salary up to 1.5 million soums);

 400 at DAKA TEX and DAKA enterprises (monthly salary up to 2.1 million soums);

 567 in Zarafshan Tex (formerly March 8) (monthly salary up to 1.5 million soums);

 233 at the Samarkand-Bukhara Silk Carpet JV (monthly salary up to 1.1 million soums);

Dukhoba ”LLC has 131 jobs (monthly salary up to 1.2 million soums).

 We can also give such examples by regions.

 Today, the region needs more than 10,000 workers to care for secondary crops planted on 78,000 hectares.

 In addition, there are 754 teaching staff, 648 vacancies that require higher education in various areas of the health system.  It would be expedient to employ graduates of higher education institutions in these places.

 By the end of the year, 21,800 new jobs will be created in the region.

 At the same time, by the end of this year, 16.5 billion soums will be allocated to citizens in need of social protection for the purchase of light greenhouses, seeds and seedlings, as well as irrigation equipment in private farms.  3351 people will be employed due to the allocation of UZS subsidies.

 We ask citizens who want to get a job to apply to employment centers in cities and districts.

 Dear citizens of Samarkand!

 Do not treat yourself without a doctor’s prescription when there is a change in your health.  This is a very wrong approach.

 If you have a fever of 38 degrees or higher, cough or difficulty breathing, fatigue, profuse sweating and other symptoms, immediately call the family clinic where you live, short number "103" or "1105".

 Take care of yourself and your family members!

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