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The Head of the state, during his trip to Samarkand region, got acquainted with the greenhouse on the basis of hydroponics, organized by LLC “Daromad bakht omad” in Akdarya district, talked with its employees. 

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without using soil. Plants are grown in an artificial substrate. All necessary nutrients are received from there.

Hydroponic greenhouses are being created in order to further increase the potential of agriculture in all regions of Uzbekistan. These compact and efficient facilities serve to create thousands of new jobs and intensive crop cultivation.

President became familiarized with hydroponic greenhouse in Akdarya district

Another advantage of a hydroponic greenhouse is that it does not need land, all the processes in it are automated, while solar panels can be used for lighting and irrigation.

At present, tomatoes are grown in the hydroponic greenhouse of LLC “Daromad bakht omad” with an area of 4 hectares. 22 permanent and more than 30 seasonal jobs have been created. To date, more than 220 tons of products have been grown, of which 90 tons were exported to Russia and Kazakhstan.

– We liberated Akdarya district from the obligation of growing cotton, – the President said. – Hydroponics can be used effectively in areas with stony, saline lands. It is necessary to expand activity on creation of such greenhouses, to grow in them those cultures that are in demand by the market. It is also necessary to prepare specialists, who will develop this direction.

Presentation of projects on development of poultry, livestock, fish farming, beekeeping, horticulture and other industries in Samarkand region, expansion of exports of their products was also held here.

The President gave instructions on expanding the scope of projects, supporting business people. Having talked with businessmen, he has solved issues raised by them, on the spot.

The Head of the state noted the benefit for health and relevance of soybean oil, as well as the possibility of using its meal as a bird food, and gave instructions on establishing an association of soybean producers.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev also visited LLC “Mushtariy Okdaryo” garment factory in Akdarya district.

President became familiarized with hydroponic greenhouse in Akdarya district

The enterprise, which began its activity in November last year, produces 20 kinds of knitted products. It employs more than 400 women and graduates of professional colleges.

The main part of the enterprise’s products is supplied to Russia, the USA and Kazakhstan.

The President got acquainted with the technological process, inspected the products, talked with workers, noting that such modern enterprises play an important role in ensuring sustainable development of the economy, it is necessary to create at least two such factories and knit clusters in each district.

President became familiarized with hydroponic greenhouse in Akdarya district

– Such knitwear enterprises must be organized first of all in Koshrabad, Nurabad districts, which need an economic recovery, – the President said. – The more jobs we create, the higher will be the well-being of the population.

Presentation of projects in light industry and hydropower with participation of foreign investors was also held here. The Head of the state gave instructions to responsible persons on timely implementation of these projects, construction of micro HPPs.


Ziyodulla Jonibekov, UzA.

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