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Legal consciousness is the need of the time!

Legal consciousness is the need of the time!

 The Public Charitable Foundation of Neighborhood( Mahalla) is also doing several work to develop the legal consciousness of the population.

The next step in this direction is the publication of books by the Foundation in cooperation with the Supreme Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan, entitled "Family - a sacred place"(Oila muqaddas), "Inheritance under the law"(Vorislik huquqi qonun himoyasida), "Labor law under the law" (Mehnat huquqi qonun himoyasida ) and "The emergence and abolition of land rights"(Yerga nisbatan huquqning vujudga kelishi va bekor bo’lishi)

 In this regard, on October 5, 2020 at the initiative of the Public Charitable Foundation of  Neighborhood (Mahalla) in collaboration with the Samarkand Regional Department of Neighborhood (Mahalla) and Family Support and Samarkand Regional TV and Radio Company in the hall of activists of the Department of Mahalla and Family Support in Siyobcha neighborhood (mahalla) in Samarkand.  The presentation of the books took place.  These books are designed to raise the legal awareness of employees working in community gatherings.

 The event was opened by the chairman of the Samarkand regional branch of the Public Charitable Foundation of Neighborhood (mahalla), who noted the unique role of the book "Emergence and abolition of land rights" (Yerga nisbatan huquqning vujudga kelishi va bekor bo’lishi) in the ongoing construction and creative work, through which every citizen has the right to land.Noted that it was produced to serve the enhancement.

 The first deputy head of the Neighborhood (Mahalla) and Family Support Department also spoke at the event.  Property rights of children, alimony for the maintenance of minor children and the obligation to provide for the parents of able-bodied children.

 The event was also attended by chairmen and deputies of  Neighborhood (mahalla) of Samarkand, who received answers to their questions.

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