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Events have been held in the Alisher Navoiy cultural and recreational park of Samarkand city on the occasion of the International Day for Protection of Children under the slogan of “Care and attention to every child”.

During these events arranged in cooperation with the Samarkand regional governor’s office, the prosecutor’s office and the public education department, it was noted that wide opportunities were being created under the leadership of our President for the younger generation to develop being healthy and well in every respect and that every child in this country was benefitting from this care.

Pupils of general education schools, orphanages, “the harmoniously developed generation” children’s centres and children’s music, art and sport schools and children of pre-school day care establishments in the region participated in various intellectual games and sports competitions and put their handicraft on display.

Children who participated in the event especially took a lot of joy from “Family cheerful starts” and “baby - sweetheart” sports competitions held among kindergarten children and their parents, the “Who knows more poems” contest and puppet show and fairy tale characters coming onto the stage and giving performances.

And everyone enjoyed the “Jolly rule” automobile race, the “I am a child of an independent country” sketch competition and the “Melodies of the motherland” concert programme by pupils of music and art schools.

Those children had the park’s attractions and game facilities at their disposal all day long. Theatres and artistic groups in the region gave various performances and concerts.


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