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March 8 - Celebration of International Women's Day in the region.

March 8 - Celebration of International Women's Day in the region.

Women's invention and disorder, description and self-regulation, incredible this is all the best works in the world, trails and memorial objectives in the women.

Respecting honoring women, who are the pillar of family and society, the embodiment of my life, and their respect, has always been and will be a great value for our people. A regional holiday dedicated to the International Women's Day - was held at the magnificent “Diyora” resort of the city today. The event will be attended by representatives of all spheres of socio-political, political and economic life of the region, in particular, public administration and representative bodies, business, farming, healthcare, education, culture, etc. The event was attended by our most productive employees, our girls, as well as labor veterans.

During the event, a group of women danced with honorary gifts and valuable gifts from the regional administration for their contribution to the successful implementation of socio-economic reforms in the province. Also, 18 women were presented with breastplates of "Woman of the Year".

Performances by soloists and artistic teams made the event extraordinary. Festive events are continuing in the regions.

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