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Dear teachers and mentors!

Dear teachers and mentors!

Merciful Teachers!

First of all, today's celebration of the great holiday of teachers and mentors - all teachers and coaches in Samarkand, who dedicate their noble potential, strength and longevity to the most honorable and hard work of young generation - "Teachers and mentors "I sincerely congratulate you on the day of my heart.

For the first time, we bow down to the dear teachers who have taught us the writing, writing letters, introducing everyone to us, and teaching our life school.

The essence of our life is deeply meaningful, as we are told by our nation, that "the greatest school of world constructions is the greatest teacher in the profession".

Teacher-trainer is the image of our beloved teachers, who taught us the alphabet and taught good things.

We express our best wishes and best wishes for the dearest and most beloved ones, who are the example of all of us on this date.

Dear friends!

The great services of our teachers, who make a great contribution to the education of our children modern knowledge and professionalism, foreign languages and their comprehensive education, are highly valued by our respected President Shavkat Mirziyoev

Also, according to the decrees of the President of Uzbekistan, a group of teachers and coaches were awarded with high awards of our state.

The presence of nine teachers in our region has given us a lot of pride and pride.

Our dear teachers, who are worthy of this great honor, are participating in this event as a valuable participant.

Once again, we congratulate them with high state awards.

Dear compatriots!

Today, in our country, as well as in all spheres of the Strategy of Action, large-scale reforms are being carried out in the education system.

In the last two years, a number of important decrees and resolutions have been adopted due to the special attention of the President to this sphere and care of the system staff. The education system is radically reforming.

The Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On measures to upgrade the moral and physical well-being of the youth, raising the quality of education system to a qualitatively new level" of August 14, 2010, and the "Improvement of the Public Education Management System" "I think that it is necessary to emphasize the decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan" On Measures to Measures ".

These documents, along with the identification of important tasks in improving the quality of education, have historically been a major factor in raising the role and place of the teacher in the community, creating material and spiritual support and incentives.

The success of these reforms, as well as the fact that our country occupies one of the developed countries in the world, is primarily connected with the development of science and education.

At the same time, we have a lot of urgent tasks for strengthening the material-technical base of educational institutions, raising teachers' skills, strengthening scientific and pedagogical cooperation with foreign countries, and introducing new teaching methods.

Dear Teachers!

At present, 1209 general education schools, 9 private boarding schools, 2 orphanages and 17 Barkamol avlod centers operate in the regional public education system.

About 50,000 teachers and trainers are employed at these institutions. During the years of independence, 375 schoolteachers were awarded state awards.

In order to provide general education schools with teachers with higher education, forms of correspondence, evening education were introduced in higher educational institutions of our region.

Training of specialists in special correspondence departments has been started. These measures will undoubtedly serve the needs of teachers in remote areas such as Nurabad, Koshrabot, Kattakurgan.

At present, 8852 teachers and trainers in the academic lyceums and professional colleges of our region are contributing to the education of younger generation and professional education.

Over the past two years, the changes and reforms that have taken place in this system have made our children fully mastered their vocational education.

Dear friends!

We all know that Samarkand's higher educational institutions have a worthy place in the system of higher education in our country.

With the initiative of President Islam Karimov, this year, the establishment of the Samarkand Veterinary Medicine Institute and the International Tourism University "Ipak Yuli" have made it possible to further increase and bring this scientific potential to an international level.

We hope that this opportunity will be used by about three thousand professors and teachers of Samarkand and wish them success in their scientific work.

Speaking of this, we would like to say with respect the names of our distinguished academicians Diamat Abdukarimov and Saidakhmad Lagaev, who are now promoting the reputation of the higher educational institutions of our region.

One of the most important tasks we are facing to promote and educate their rich scientific and life experiences.

Speaking to teachers today, with the best words, telling good wishes to them, we are delighted to announce that we are delighted to announce the winners of the national and international competitions in talented athletes in 30 sports education institutions in the region.

We also thank 1057 coaches who will uphold the honor of Samarkand region at the competitions.

You are well aware that Samarkand sportsmen have recently succeeded in the Asian Games held in Indonesia because of their diligent efforts.

We want our team to be a champion forever, luckily to our coaches as well.

Dear teachers and mentors!

The great thinker, poet Alisher Navoi, says, "If the student is Shaykh al-Islam, he will win, if his teacher is pleased with God."

Once again I congratulate you, my dear, heartfelt, dear teachers with your professional holiday, and wish all of you health, happiness and peace and prosperity for your family!

Thank you for your attention!

Samarkand city, Diyora basin,

September 29, 2018

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