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Acting khokim (governor) of Samarkand region E. Turdimov at the extraordinary session of the Oqdaryo regional Council of People's Deputies

Acting khokim (governor) of Samarkand region E. Turdimov at the extraordinary session of the Oqdaryo regional Council of People's Deputies

The town of Loyish, Oqdaryo district, August 1, 2018

at 17.30 o'clock in the big meeting hall of district khokimiyat

How do you do!

Dear participants of the session!

Oqdaryo is one of the most promising areas in the socio-economic sphere in the Samarkand region. Together with significant achievements in the region, shortcomings in the areas of industry, investment are also observed.

At the same time, 10 small industrial enterprises did not produce their products at all. This indicates that there is no responsibility for studying and helping the entrepreneur in the district.

In the agricultural sector, the debts of farmers in the district reached 8.4 billion soums.

Fruit and vegetable cultivation, processing and exporting at low cost, low-yielding cotton and grain crop areas are not risky.

If average per year 21.3 thousand tons of fruits and vegetables are produced in the district, only 5.8% are processed by industrial enterprises.

One of the problems is unemployment. Unfortunately, this did not make any disturbance in the district. Although these shortcomings are primarily attributed to former mayor of the district P.Osarov, what are the deputies' deputies involved in, what are the activeness and enthusiasm of the people's representatives ?!

  1. Usarov failed to make the necessary changes in social and economic development of the region during his tenure as mayor of the district. He failed to systematize the work to improve the living conditions of the population. As a result, the number of non-operating small businesses in the district was 5.6% and 17 business entities were liquidated.

Today, debt and other mandatory payments are estimated at $ 13.8 billion. This is only 441 million soums compared to the previous month. soums.

In the framework of the "Obod village" program, Turan, Amir Temur and Avazali districts were chosen, but these activities were also poorly organized.

No significant changes have been made in the overhaul of the general secondary school # 54, overhaul of Elementary School # 11, water supply and construction of the Turon neighborhood.

Complete repairs of comprehensive school No 23 in the Amir Temur neighborhood, repair of the No 23 preschool educational institution, construction of water supply and water supply systems in the neighborhood have not begun.

Complete repairs of secondary school No. 12, construction of a new preschool educational institution for 75 people, construction of a clean drinking water facility in the village were only completed at 10 percent.

Distinguished participants of the session!

In order to timely eliminate the shortcomings, it was necessary to have system and order in the district khokimiyat. It has not been seen from the district head to deputy and ordinary personnel.

Today, the head of the district is also the head of the district administration. Abilov Feruz Nematullaevich worked as the head of the department of attraction of investments, implementation of investment projects and localization of production of JSC "Uzagrotexsanoatkholding", worked as a deputy head of the regional agricultural and water management department in various positions of commercial banks. We believe that the issue is based on economic analysis, and each of them has a responsible attitude, regardless of whether the problem is big or small.

The most important thing is that MPs and the public make the necessary conclusions from today's meeting, unite around the new leader, and fulfill the tasks set by President Shavkat Miromonovich.

Thank you for your attention!

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