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The event against addiction was held in Samarkand city

The event against addiction was held in Samarkand city

The event which dedicated to the struggling day against International addiction was held in a garden “Yoshlar”  of  Samarkand city on July 26 under the motto "We, youth are for a healthy lifestyle!".

The head of the regional health department D.Jumaniyozov, the responsible secretary of the regional drug control commission B.Chinniev spoke about the harm that can be caused to the human body and they explained that even though world community is fighting against the addiction, addiction among a group of youths is rising year by year .As such, they also urged the youth not to fall into the trap of drug addiction.

A concert program and performances by Uzbek martial arts masters was performed for the youth .

The active participant youth in the event were awarded with prizes by the organizers

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